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Why can't I connect my Monster TC 
All versions of the Monster TC have been discontinued and will no longer work past iOS 7. The Helo TC app is not available for devices past the iPhone 5 and is not compatible with Android OS. 


Can I use MOTO TC Monster outside?

Yes, though surfaces like grass or mulch may drain the battery quicker than on a flat surface.


What kind of battery do I use with MOTO TC Monster?

MOTO TC Monster comes with it's own rechargeable battery. The battery comes charged. Unfortunately, since this item has been discontinued for quite some time we no longer have replacements or parts available.


How can I tell if MOTO TC Monster is fully charged?

A complete charge takes approximately 35 minutes.


MOTO TC Monster isn't responding to the app!

Make sure your truck is fully charged, and properly paired and connected in Bluetooth Settings. A proper connection is in place when the Bluetooth status indicator in the app is light blue. If this icon is gray, you are not connected. Also, make sure the truck is within Bluetooth range, approximately 20-30 feet.


How do I go forwards and backwards when driving using Slide mode?

The top half of the screen is forward, and the bottom half of the screen is backwards. Use one finger on the screen to move the truck in the direction you wish to go. To go forward, place your finger anywhere on the top half of the screen and move it towards the top. Move left or right to turn. To go backwards, place your finger anywhere on the bottom half of the screen and move it down towards the bottom.


How do I delete Drive Plans?

After recording a Drive Plan, you can delete it by holding down the play button for a few seconds. You'll see an indicator on screen that the recorded plan is being erased.


I see something other than MOTO TC in my list Bluetooth devices!

There are several different versions of MOTO TC firmware, so you may see MOTO TC listed under one of the three different names:

  • Beacon
  • MOTO TC Monster

Just select whichever of these shows up in your Bluetooth device listing.


Can I leave the battery connected to the wall charger?

To make the most of your battery's life and performance, we recommend disconnecting it from the wall charger after charging for an hour. Leaving it connected longer can result in a reduction in battery life and capacity over time. Rechargeable batteries have a finite lifespan and overcharging can lead to battery failure.


My Moto TC Monster is paired and I can hear the motor trying to move, but it isn't going anywhere!

There are two screws located in the center of the front and rear axels which are used to secure Moto TC to the packaging. Make sure you remove these screws before attempting to operate Moto TC. These screws will inhibit Moto TC's motor functions. Removing these screws should fix the issue.

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