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iMarker seems to be making a clicking noise. Is it defective?

iMarker utilizes a small electric motor which allows ColorStudio HD to tell the difference between iMarker's tip and the tip of your finger. Though it's usually pretty hard to notice, if you listen very closely, that motor does make a small clicking noise. This is completely normal.


Does ColorStudio HD work with a screen protector?

iMarker, the digital stylus included with ColorStudio HD, works best when it has direct contact with your iPad's screen.


Does ColorStudio HD work if I have a case on my iPad?

Your iPad has a capacitive touchscreen which relies on contact with your skin to work properly. Though iMarker, the digital stylus included with ColorStudio HD, will work if you have a case on your iPad, it works best when you are making direct contact with the metal back of the iPad.


The colored line stops when I reach the black line of the drawing!

ColorStudio HD has a feature called "Stay Inside The Lines", designed to help less experienced artists color within the lines. As the name implies, that feature ensures that any continuous line will stop when it reaches the black border of any foreground elements (the parts of the picture that move when animation is turned on).

To turn this feature off, tap the gear icon on the right side of the coloring page to open the Settings Menu. Tap the word "On" beside "Stay Inside the Lines" to turn it off.


I just updated my iOS and ColorStudio HD keeps crashing!


This app has been discontinued for quite some time and we have not created an update recently. Unfortunately, if you are using iOS 9.0 or greater, the ColorStudio HD app is no longer compatible. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


What do the icons on the right side of the coloring page do?

On every coloring page, you'll see a menu along the right side of the page. Here's a quick guide to using this menu (from top to bottom):


  • Blue Pause/Play - Stops/starts the animation on animated coloring pages
  • Red Arrow - "Undo" - Undoes the last action
  • Orange Arrow - "Redo" - Reverses the "Undo" action
  • Purple Page - "Reset" - Clears the coloring page
  • Blue Disk - Saves your artwork to the Gallery
  • Yellow Gears - Opens Settings Menu
  • Green Sharing Button - Gives you the options to share your artwork by email or on Facebook, print using AirPrint, or add your artwork to your iPad's Camera Roll
  • Pink Question Mark - Opens the Tutorial
  • Red Exit Door - Takes you back to the previous menu
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