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Which devices can I use with Beacon?
Beacon can be used with any Android phones or tablets running OS 2.3.3 or greater.
Does Beacon have an on/off switch? How do I turn it off?
Beacon does not have an on/off switch. To turn Beacon completely off, you will have to remove the batteries. To conserve battery power, Beacon will switch to a low-power sleep mode when it is idle.
I'm having trouble pairing or connecting my Android device to Beacon!

Here are the steps to follow to make sure you're pairing and connecting Beacon correctly.

1. Make sure you have fresh batteries installed correctly in Beacon.
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your Android device. To do this, go to Settings> Wireless & networks> Bluetooth settings.
3. Press and hold the top of Beacon until you see the blue LED indicator light flashing rapidly. Once you see that, select "Scan for devices" on your Android device (still in the Wireless & networks settings).
4. While the blue LED light is flashing rapidly, select Beacon under Bluetooth devices on your Android device.

Once you have paired, you will connect by launching the Dijit app. An indicator should appear once you've opened the app showing that it is connecting to Beacon.

If you've tried these steps and Beacon still isn't paired or connected, please contact our Tech Support Team for further assistance, or just give us a call at 800-208-5996.


How many devices can I pair with Beacon, and can I switch between them?

Beacon can pair with up to eight mobile devices. To switch control between previously paired devices, a connected device must exit the Dijit app before the second device can connect. Or, tap Beacon once to disconnect from the currently connected device before the second device attempts to connect.


When I select a program to watch from the Dijit Guide, Beacon sends the command to the wrong device.

In order to change which device Beacon uses to change your channels from the Dijit Guide, you'll need to create an Activity in the Dijit app. From the Dijit remote screen, open the menu and select "More", then select "Add an Activity". Choose "Watch TV". Under "Select Devices", you can select any/all of the devices you normally use to watch TV; you'll select the actual TV tuner on the next screen. Once you've selected your devices, tap "Next". Under "Channel Control", choose the device you use to change the channels on your TV, then tap "Next". If you'd like to set up Activity Actions, you can do so now, or just tap "Save".

Beacon will now send the channel commands from the Dijit Guide to the device you selected under "Channel Control". You can navigate to any remote you'd like; you don't have to keep the "Watch TV" activity selected.


Can I use rechargeable batteries?

Yes, any AA battery will work to power the Beacon, including rechargeable batteries.


Will Beacon work with devices that use an RF remote?

Beacon uses an infra red (IR) signal to communicate with components. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to control components that use a radio frequency (RF) remote.


I can't find the product I want to control in Dijit's list of codes. Can I still control that product with Beacon?

Beacon is a learning remote, which means that if your component is not in Dijit's list of devices, you can use Beacon's learning function to add any IR remote to your listing.


Can Beacon control devices all around the room, or does it have to be pointed in a certain direction?

Beacon is a unidirectional device, like most other IR remotes. It will need to be pointed in the general direction of the component you want to control.


What's Beacon's range? How far can it be from my entertainment center?

Beacon's range is about 30 feet, line of sight. This means that there needs to be a clear line of sight between the Beacon and the component you want to control.


Can Beacon control a device in a different room?

Beacon is an infra red (IR) remote, which means that it must have a clear line of sight to the component it is controlling. This means that it cannot be used to control a component in a different room.

If you'd like, you can move the Beacon unit into another room, then use Dijit's "Rooms" feature to set up Beacon to work with the components in that room.



How far can I be from Beacon? Can I still control it from another room?

Maximum range for bluetooth is 30 feet, but that range can be affected by many factors, including your home's wiring, insulation, plumbing, WiFi, even other Bluetooth signals. You should have no problem controlling Beacon from the same room, but from the next room over, range may become an issue.


Some of the buttons for my device are greyed out.

These buttons can be programmed using the Learn function.


I have too many controls for one screen.

You can add screens for more controls, or move controls to an additional screen. In the Edit Layout screen, you can move controls to additional screens.


When I swipe the pad for my device, nothing happens.

The swipe must begin on the side of the pad you are swiping from. It will not work if you start your swipe from outside the pad area, such as the background area around the pad.


The program guide is loading very slowly.

Program guide data is delivered to your phone from Dijit servers. If it is loading slowly, please check to make sure wi-fi is turned on in the Settings of your mobile device. This should result in proper delivery of the program guide.


How can I tell if my Beacon batteries are dying?

There is a battery meter in the Dijit app. If you are connected to a Beacon, go to Settings in the Dijit app and you will see a battery meter.


I added the wrong device and would like to remove it.

Tap the Menu button on your Android device. Choose "Edit Devices" and select the device you would like to remove.


What is the maximum number of devices I can add?

There is no maximum. However, if you have more than five devices, additional devices will appear on the next screen.


I added my TV/Blu-ray/Receiver/etc. based on one of the Remote codes, but not all the buttons work.

Some devices from the same manufacturer use codes that are similar. As a result, the Power button may work for a code but the rest of the buttons don't. A different code will probably work. When you test out the code, check that all the buttons you would like to use work properly. To change the code, first remove the device and then add it again.


Will my Android Beacon work with the iOS Dijit app?

No, Beacon is platform-specific. You will only be able to use the Android app with your Android Beacon. To use an iOS device with Beacon, you will need the iOS Beacon.


When should I remove the batteries from my Beacon?

The batteries should be removed as soon as they are worn out. Failure to do so can lead to battery leakage, which can cause permanent damage. This issue can also come up if a battery is unused for an extended period of time, so be sure to remove the batteries if you know the device will be unused for a month or more.


I'm having trouble learning a command from another remote.

First, be sure that the remote you are learning from has fresh batteries. Also, use Griffin's Utility App to make sure your Beacon has the most up-to-date firmware available.

Next, position Beacon and your original device remote control as shown in the diagram. Your remote should be touching the plastic stone, not the base, of Beacon. When you see a pulsing button in Dijit and blinking blue light on Beacon, press the corresponding button on your remote control to teach it to Dijit. After Dijit learns the button, it will automatically move on to the next button.


Does Dijit's NextGuide work with Beacon?

There are two apps with NextGuide in the name. The first, Dijit Remote with NextGuide, is a recent update to the previously published Dijit App. This app is fully compatible with Beacon.

The same publisher has also published a standalone app called NextGuide. This is a TV listings app, which has no remote functionality. It is not compatible with Beacon.



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