HandsFree Mic + AUX Cable


Does this cable work with Siri?
Siri works great with the HandsFree Mic + Aux Cable. You can speak to Siri through the microphone in the cable, and you'll hear Siri's response through your car speakers.
What will the Hands-free Mic + Aux Cable do with with my smartphone?

Hands-free Mic + AUX Cable is also compatible with a wide variety of smartphones.

As of February 2010, our testing shows the following models to share compatibility in the following functions:

  • AUX Audio from phone to stereo
  • Hands-Free Mic
  • Click Controller to Answer
  • Click Controller to End Call


  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G


  • Curve 8310, 8330, 8520
  • Tour 9630
  • Pearl 8120
  • Pearl FLip 8230
  • Storm


  • Hero (AKA Droid Eris)
  • Tilt 2


  • Cliq


  • Pre
  • Treo Pro


  • Sidekick
  • Sidekick LX
  • iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G running OS 3.0 or above support switching between 2 calls by clicking the Controller (Call Waiting).
  • Call waiting may be enabled on other smartphones as well. Please note that updates, including carrier updates, to your smartphone's operating system may alter the way your smartphone interacts with our cable. For more information on operating system and carrier updates, please consult your carrier.


Will this product work while I have an Apple Bumper on my iPhone 4?

The headphone opening on the Apple Bumper is only large enough to accommodate the headphones that were included with the iPhone 4. Though it appears that our TuneBuds and TuneBuds Mobile also fit in this opening just fine, the Bumper case will have to be removed before using most other headphones and auxiliary cables.



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