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My unit is no longer working properly. Do you have replacements or parts available for this older MultiDock model?
Unfortunately, this version of the MultiDock has been discontinued for several years. Because of that, we no longer have replacements or parts available for this model. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Does MultiDock have to be plugged into a computer to charge multiple devices?
A computer connection is only required for syncing. If you're just using the Multidock for charging, then no connection to a computer is required.
Is MultiDock compatible with Windows?
Our testing has shown that syncing 10 or more devices in the Windows version of iTunes is unstable. For that reason, MultiDock is not supported in Windows.
Will the iOS device automatically sync when I connect it to MultiDock?
If MultiDock's USB cable is connected to a computer, then connecting your device to MultiDock will be just like plugging your device directly into your computer, based on your settings for that particular device.
Does the usb hub work with other devices?
The hub that is available with the MultiDock is a standard, non-powered USB 2.0 hub. It will work with any device or combination of devices that do not require more power than a standard USB 2.0 port can provide.
Can I daisy-chain MultiDocks if I don't want to use a hub?
MultiDock will not function properly in this configuration. Each one must be connected to a dedicated USB port, either on a USB 2.0 hub or on your computer.
Can I buy the USB hub individually?
The three-port USB hub included with larger orders of MultiDocks is not available separately, but any USB 2.0 hub will work properly with up to three MultiDocks.
Does the unit give off excess heat?
MultiDock's power supply has a built-in exhaust fan to help dissipate heat. For best results, we recommend leaving 4-6 inches of clearance between MultiDock and any objects behind it.
My iPad says that it's not charging when I connect it to the MultiDock.
If your MultiDock is connected to a computer, then it will only be able to provide a 2.5 Watt charge, the same power that you would receive connecting your iPad directly to your computer. This charge is sufficient to charge iPods and iPhones, but iPad's charging specs require a 10 Watt charge. If you disconnect MultiDock from your computer, it will provide your iPad with a full 10 Watt charge.
My iPads aren't showing up in iTunes!

Try resetting your MultiDock by following these steps:


  • Unplug all of your iPads from MultiDock's USB to Dock cables.
  • Unplug the MultiDock USB cable from the computer.
  • Unplug the MultiDock power cable from the power source (wall outlet or power strip).
  • Wait about 20-30 seconds.
  • Plug the MultiDock power cable back into the power source.
  • Plug the MultiDock USB cable back into the computer.
  • Plug in your iPads.


Why doesn't my new MacBook Air sync with more than one MultiDock unit?

Recent changes to the USB design of the mid-2013 Apple MacBook Air will prevent the laptop from accessing more than 25 USB devices (including additional USB hubs) from a single side USB port at one time.

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