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Can I use Twenty outside the US?

Twenty is compatible with all international AC voltages, from 100-240VAC. It ships with a US wall plug, so if you take it with you when you travel, all you’ll need is a blade adapter.

Unfortunately, Twenty is not available for sale outside of North America.


Why can't my friend connect to dual-pairing mode? OR someone else's music keeps playing on my Twenty.

Unpair all connected devices by quickly pressing the connect/disconnect button on Twenty's front panel.


Does Twenty output 5.1?

Twenty is a 2.1 audio device. It outputs two stereo channels and a mono sub-woofer channel.


The music playback quality is inconsistent. What should I do?

If sound quality begins to degrade, you may be out of range. Move your device closer to Twenty to get back into the 30-foot range.


How loud is Twenty?

Each of Twenty’s stereo channel outputs 20 Watts of power, which is plenty loud for most large rooms in your home, but of course, loudness is in the ear the listener. By comparison, here are some other speakers you might be familiar with:

  • iPad: 500mW (or .5 Watts)
  • MacBook Air: 2W
  • LCD TV: 10W


What type of power supply cable does Twenty use?

Twenty uses a standard IEC C7 (or IEC-C7) AC power cable. You can typically find these online through dealers such as Amazon.


My speaker cables have banana plugs. Can I use Twenty with my existing cables?

Yes. Twenty's speaker posts work with both speaker wire and banana plugs. Simply insert the banana plugs into the front of the left and right speaker terminals.


How do I connect to Twenty using Bluetooth?

For iOS: First, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Second, go to Settings< Bluetooth< and select "Griffin Twenty" from the device list.

For Android: First, Go to Settings< Bluetooth and select Scan. Second, choose "Griffin Twenty" from available devices.


How do I connect up to two devices with my Twenty at the same time?

Pair the second device, pause audio on the first device, and begin playback on the second device.


How do I turn off Twenty?

Twenty does not need a manual on/off switch. When no music is playing, Twenty switches to a power-save mode. It will resume playing music when you reconnect with a previously paired device.


How do I turn off the bottom blue LED?

Press and hold the button on Twenty's front panel for 5 seconds to turn Twenty's lights off.


All of Twenty's lights are off. How do I turn them back on?

Press and hold the connect/disconnect button on Twenty's front panel for 5 seconds.


What's the range on my Twenty?

Up to 30 feet. Because walls and structures affect Bluetooth range, performance may vary depending on your home setup.


Does Twenty support Dolby Digital audio?

Twenty does not support Dolby Digital audio. If you're using your Twenty with an Apple TV you can set the Dolby Digital setting to "off" or "auto". This will result in the audio being bitstreamed as a PCM source.


What Bluetooth codecs does the Twenty use?

The Twenty supports AAC/aptX streaming codecs.

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