Survivor Slim for iPad Air

How to Remove Survivor Slim for iPad Air


I'm having an issue removing my iPad from the Survivor Slim. What's the proper way to uninstall the iPad?

Make sure you're working on a flat and stable surface, like a table or desk when uninstalling the case.

First, remove the screen protector by unclipping it from the hard plastic shell. Start at the top of the iPad, and work your way around until the screen protector is full detached from the rest of the case.

Next, place your hands on both sides of the top left corner of the case. Use your thumbs to press out and down on the case until you hear a click. (Be sure that you are pressing down on the case itself, and not on your iPad.) Work your way around, repeating this motion on the other corners of the case. When pressing down on the third corner, the iPad will come out of the hard plastic shell.



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