Griffin Utility App for Android


Why am I able to update to earlier versions of firmware?

In most cases, you will not need to roll back to a previous version of firmware. However, the app does include this option to be used when troubleshooting with Griffin Tech Support.


What is firmware? Why do I need to update it?

Firmware is the internal program that tells your product how to work and what to do. Sometimes firmware will be updated to add new functionality or fix a bug, and an update will keep your product current.


I closed the app while I was running a firmware update. Now what?

Not a problem. The firmware update continues in the background if you accidentally close the app. Simply reopen it and it will complete the update, if it hasn't already finished.


The Griffin Utility app is not recognizing the product I'm connected to.

There are a few different troubleshooting steps to try.

1. Under Manage Apps in your device's settings, select the Utility app and Force Quit.
2. Under Wireless & Networks in your device's settings, turn Bluetooth off and back on.
3. Unpair and repair with your Griffin item.
4. Relaunch the app and try again.

If problems persist, contact Griffin Tech Support.



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