Crayola iMarker




iMarker seems to be making a clicking noise. Is it defective?

The iMarker makes a clicking noise when powered on. This sounds does not indicate that the item is defective.


Does iMarker work with a screen protector?

While the iMarker may work with some screen protectors, it was designed to make direct contact with the screen of your device. The iMarker may not have full functionality when used with a screen protector.


Does iMarker work if I have a case on my iPad?

Your iPad has a capacitive touchscreen which relies on contact with your skin to work properly. Though iMarker will work if you have a case on your iPad, it works best when you are making direct contact with the metal back of the iPad.


We want to use the Crayola Color 360 app in the car, but as the car moves, the color scene moves in Explore Mode!

You can turn this feature off in the app settings by turning on "Finger Pan Only". When turning this on, the color scene can only be moved by panning with your finger.


I just updated my iOS device and the iMarker is no longer working!

Unfortunately, the iMarker has been discontinued so the software has not been updated for quite some time. The iMarker is no longer compatible with iOS versions after iOS 9.0. We apologize for the inconvenience! 


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