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How to Install Survivor for iPad Air

How to Install Survivor All-Terrain for iPad 2/3/4


 What happened to the Survivor All-Terrain for iPhone and Android?

While we are continuing to produce the the Survivor All-Terrain for iPads we have decided to discontinue this product for all other devices. 


Can I use an additional screen protector with my Survivor?

Survivor has an integrated screen shield built into the case, so no additional screen protector is necessary. Use of an additional screen protector with Survivor may affect the case's fit and cause a distortion effect on your device's display.


People I talk to say my voice is echoing. Is the Survivor case causing this?

We've heard a few reports of this issue from people using our case, other cases, and even no case at all. Despite all of our testing, we haven't been able to find any correlation between the use of a Survivor case and echoing on a phone call.

Echoing audio can be caused by a number of different factors, including your proximity to a cell-phone tower, the number of calls and data being carried on the network, whether or not you are using speaker phone, and even errors in your phone's noise cancellation software. We've found that the best solution to this issue is performing a soft reset on your phone. You can also try turning down the phone call volume or system volume, as this may help as well. If you're still having issues, we'd recommend contacting your cellular carrier for further assistance.


How can I clean my Survivor Case?

The best way to clean Survivor is to use a clean, lint free cloth with warm water. Do not use anything caustic such as alcohol or other cleaners, as this can damage the case. Just make sure to let the case completely air dry before putting your device back into the Survivor case.


 My screen looks like it has an oil slick on it. What's with the rainbow?

This is a phenomenon commonly referred to as "interference patterns" or "Newton's rings". It occurs primarily with non-matte screen protectors that do not adhere directly to the device's screen, and it tends to be most pronounced under bright, direct lighting, particularly fluorescent lighting.

Unfortunately, there is no known solution that will completely eliminate this effect. Fortunately, when the device is turned on and the screen is effectively back-lighting the viewing area, the effect is dramatically reduced.


Why does a transparent grid pattern appear across the screen protector of my Survivor case?

This happens as a result of a protective film located on the back of the screen protector. The film should be removed to ensure optimum clarity. You can remove this by simply peeling the film away from one of the corners on the back of the screen protector.



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