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I've connected the HDMI adapter to my TV, but I can't hear any sound from my computer!

If you have a MacBook Pro that was released in April, 2010, the Mini DisplayPort will output video and audio. The Griffin HDMI adapter will pass the audio, so you only need this one connection to send both video and audio to a TV. You may need to go to System Preferences > Sound and choose HDMI as your output device.

If your MacBook Pro was released before April 2010, to receive audio, you'll need to connect to your stereo receiver using an audio cable like our Aux Cable or StereoConnect Cables.


Will this work for 5.1 audio?

If you have a MacBook Pro that was purchased after April 2010, you can use this adapter to connect it to an HDMI-ready 5.1 receiver for full 5.1 audio.


Does this work with Apple's Thunderbolt port?

Our testing shows that our Video Display Converter works perfectly well with Thunderbolt.


Can I use the Video Display Adapter to connect an HDMI device such as a Playstation 3, Blu-Ray Player, or Apple TV to my Apple CinemaDisplay monitor?

No. The CinemaDisplay cannot handle the 1080x1920 resolution of a typical television device. The HDMI scaling will not interface with the CinemaDisplay properly. The HDMI resolution of 1200x1920 on the CinemaDisplay is designed for computer output, not home theater output.



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