AutoPilot for iPhone and iPod



I can't hear my iPod playing!
The AutoPilot requires a direct connection to your stereo, either via your stereo's auxiliary jack or a cassette adapter. If you have the auxiliary cable connected and you still can't hear your music on your stereo, you may need to hit a button on your car stereo to switch to Auxiliary Mode. Check your car's manual for more info on this setting.
Why am I getting a hum when using my AutoPilot?
Due to the way the electronics in certain cars are wired, you may need a Ground Loop Isolator. These are available at many electronics stores like RadioShack.
What do the different lights on my AutoPilot mean?

These lights show you the AutoPilot's charging status:

  • Red: AutoPilot is correctly plugged in and ready to charge.
  • Amber: AutoPilot is charging your iPod.
  • Green: Your iPod is fully charged.
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