TuneFlex Aux for iPod (2006)


Is my 4th Generation iPod compatible?
Yes, but you will need to remove the clear acrylic piece of the TuneFlex first. There are two holes in the clear piece that fit over 2 pegs on the black base. If you pry the clear part up over those holes, the clear acrylic part will pop right off. Now the 4th Generation iPod should fit without a problem.
What do the lights on the TuneFlex indicate?
When the TuneFlex is green, it indicates an iPod is connected. An amber light indicates the iPod is charging.
Can I control the volume from the iPod itself?

It depends. Even if you attach an iTrip or AirClick, you will not be able to control the iPod's volume from the iPod itself. This is because the dock connector port is a line level output, and you will need to control the volume from your car stereo.

You can control the output from the iPod if you're using the tape adapter, which connects to the iPod's headphone jack and therefore has an adjustable output.


How does the TuneFlex hold various sizes of iPods?

The TuneFlex for iPod has an adjustable back, allowing you to securely dock your 5th Generation iPod Video, 4th Generation iPods, and iPod Mini. Just turn the knob to adjust the depth of the dock, and your iPod will be held safely in place.


How do I connect my iPod Video to a video screen using the TuneFlex?

Use a Griffin Home Connect Cable to connect the headphone jack of your iPod to the audio and video inputs of your car's video screen or player. Or, use the Home Connect Cable for video, and connect the TuneFlex's tape adapter or Griffin iTrip with Dock Connector to the TuneFlex to hear the audio through your car's stereo speakers.


How does the TuneFlex stay upright?

The TuneFlex features a piece of grey rubber located around the power plug that holds the plug tightly in the outlet.


Does the TuneFlex have a dock connector pass-through?

Yes. This pass-through allows you to attach another device like the AirClick with Dock Connector.


Will the TuneFlex Aux work with my 5th generation iPod nano?

Because the TuneFlex Aux does not currently include the adapter for the 5th generation iPod nano, we cannot claim compatibility at this time.



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