iPhone Case Compatibility

iPhone Compatibility 


With the wide selection of iPhones available, it can be hard to find the correct case for your device. The first step is to know exactly which device you have. At Griffin Technology, we use your iPhone's model number to help you find the perfect case.

Before checking the list below, on your device please go to settings/general/about. There you will see where it says model number. Click on Model number and it will revel a number starting with the letter "A". This will be the Apple Model number for your phone. Find your model number on the list below to determine the exact case for your needs.

If you do not see your device listed, please click on the help button below to contact customer support.


iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019)

Model Number: A2161/A2218/A2220

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Clear: GIP-026-GRN (Base color several colors available)

  Survivor Strong: GIP-027-GRN (Base color several colors available)

  Survivor Endurance: GIP-034-BKG

  Survivor Extreme: GIP-035-BKG


iPhone 11 Pro (2019)

Model Number: A2160/A2215/A2217

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Clear: GIP-022-GRN (Base color several colors available)

  Survivor Strong: GIP-023-GRN (Base color several colors available)

  Survivor Endurance: GIP-028-BKG

  Survivor Extreme: GIP-029-BKG


iPhone 11 (2019)

Model Number: A2111/A2112/A2113

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Clear: GIP-024-GRN (Base color several colors available)

  Survivor Strong: GIP-025-GRN (Base color several colors available)

  Survivor Endurance: GIP-031-BKG

  Survivor Extreme: GIP-032-BKG


iPhone XS Max (2018)

Model Number: A1921/A2101

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Clear: GIP-012-CBK (Base color several colors available)

  Reveal: GIP-011-CLR

  Survivor Strong Wallet: GIP-021-BLK

  Survivor Clear Wallet: GIP-018-BKC

  Survivor Endurance: GIP-015-BGY

  Survivor Extreme: GIP-014-BLK

  Survivor Strong: GIP-013-BLK


iPhone XS (2018)

Model Number: A1920/A2097

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Clear: GIP-007-CBK (Base color several colors available)

  Reveal: GIP-006-CLR

  Survivor Strong Wallet: GIP-020-BLK

  Survivor Clear Wallet: GIP-017-BKC

  Survivor Endurance: GIP-010-BGY

  Survivor Extreme: GB43777 (Base color several colors available)

  Survivor Strong: GIP-008-BLK


iPhone XR (2018)

Model Number: A1984

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Clear: GIP-002-CBK

  Reveal: GIP-001-CLR

  Survivor Strong Wallet: GIP-019-BLK

  Survivor Clear Wallet: GIP-016-BKC

  Survivor Endurance: GIP-005-BGY

  Survivor Extreme: GIP-004-BLK (Currently unavailable)

  Survivor Strong: GIP-003-CLR


iPhone X (2017)

Model Number: A1865/A1901

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Strong: GB43612

  Survivor Extreme: GB43777

  Survivor Extreme 5.11: GB44080

  Survivor Clear: GB43611

  Survivor Fit: TA43980

  Survivor Prime: GB43800

  Survivor All-Terrain: GB43658

  Survivor Clear Wallet: GB43691

  Survivor Strong Wallet: GB43692

  Survivor Core: GB43826

  Reveal: GB43805


iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus (2017/2016)

Model Number: A1864/A1897

Griffin Cases:

  Survivor Extreme: GB43224

  Survivor Clear: GB42317-2

  Survivor Strong: GB42815-2

  Survivor Prime: GB43799

  Survivor Fit: GB43784

  Survivor Core: GB43824

  Survivor Strong Wallet: GB42815-2

  Reveal Wallet: GB42754


iPhone 8/7 (2017/2016)

Model Number:  A1863/A1905

  Survivor Extreme: GB43769

  Survivor Adventure: GB42896-2

  Reveal Wallet: GB42753

  Survivor Clear: GB42313-2

  Survivor Strong: GB42768

  Survivor Prime: GB43796

  Survivor Strong Wallet: GB43703

  Survivor Fit: GB43778

 Survivor Clear Wallet: TA43987








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